terça-feira, 2 de junho de 2015

What people loose along the way

It's with pity and sadness I see people forgetting what it means to love someone, to those people I suggest this song:

segunda-feira, 4 de maio de 2015

Finally on to the next page

When you start to see what you did was the best for you and the ones you love.

When you see the person you thought you knew turn into a stranger.

When actions speak for themselves but words place the final nail.

When you are ready to move on to an unknown future without fear.

Living with fear is not living, just surviving.

quarta-feira, 15 de abril de 2015

Recurring cicle

Why does my subconscious need to make things harder for me...

It isn't hard enough trying to forget her but when I think she is a little bit out of my mind my subconscious remembers to give me dreams of her, dreams of better times or of how things could be...

I only hope this stops, somedays I feel like my hearth is going to tear apart.

domingo, 15 de março de 2015

Unclear horizon

Much has changed in these last two years, I went from feeling the luckiest man on the world to felling the most miserable.

I had my life all planed out and thought my destiny was clear but destiny had other plans for me.

My job was unfulfilling but i still had her at my side, and for a while it was all that mattered, but seeing that person turn into someone I didn't know was taking a toll in my hearth and mind.

They say a relationship only ends when both people give up fighting for it and I fought alone for a long time.

The sweet, caring and happy girl I feel in love all these years turned into a cold, distant and depressed woman and she started to expel me from her life little by little.

I always believed there was a light at the end, even if everyone and especially her hinted differently.

I saw glimpses of her old self when things were going her way and I could see the person I loved was still a little bit in there, but those moments began to grow scarcer and scarcer until they were non existent.

I comprehended her reasons for distancing herself from me, but we started our relationship based on the word forever and for me it meant literally forever, I would marry her eventually, have some kids, and have a crappy job if it meant she was happy but words mean different things to different people and love isn't something to only exist when things are going your way, love is unwavering when it's true. 

I quit my unfulfilling job to chase her wherever she decided to go but by that time she was already excluding me from her future plans and things just went down hill from there, I rarely saw her anymore and our talks were awkward and forced at best, I almost had to beg her to be with her.

I finally snapped after one year fighting alone for our relationship and tested her by getting mad at her for a week, if she didn't fight for our relationship just once in that week I would have to end it and that was exactly what happened, I didn't see a glimpse of the person who, in the past, raided my house at night because I was just slightly upset with her

The breakup was one of the harder things I had to do in my life, trying to say goodbye to a person I loved with all my being is not easy but I knew this love was already one sided, our final talk was cold and calculated, I regret so much not letting this pent up rage burst out and I could hurt her in the end but I couldn't do that to the person who was my best friend for so many years and that gave me the happiest year of my life, basically I just turned my back to her, holded my tears and said goodbye and good luck.

The next days were awkward and I couldn't stop felling a ghost pain were my commitment ring was, a week later the reality of her not being by my side fell down like a ton of bricks and during a bunch of days I was just a emotional wreck, then anger set in and finally acceptance, but even with acceptance I still remember her and feel a hole in my chest where my hearth is, I feel like I lost a part of me.

Now I am going to work in another town and gonna start a new life and career there, on a very promising job and where I have friends that I can count on but cruel destiny decided to give her a job on the other side of the river in the same city, and part of me is worried what will happen to my empty hearth if I see and talk to her again.

But also I feel confident this is a start to a happier story and that I will find my way to happiness in the future, living away from comfort should be a good life experience, and starting to rebuild my life from the ground up is what is best for me at this moment.

If she goes back to the girl I love I might give her another chance but then I would do things differently, try not to let the relationship get to a point of no return again and make sure we are in the same page, because even after all the things she put me trough, she is one of the most amazing people I know and I just want her to be happy.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but scars are forever.

quarta-feira, 27 de março de 2013


That moment when someone makes you feel special.

When you don't have more defenses around your hearth and can't help but feeling helpless and complete at the same time.

sexta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2012


Love cleanses all past sins...

sábado, 10 de novembro de 2012


Funny how life can be so great and perfect just to send you in a pit of darkness and doubt after...

That felling you get that you have all things under control and know everything you need to know to live happy for a considerable amount of time just shatters when your reality crumbles at your feet and you feel helpless and powerless to do anything to stop it.

It feels like you just don't matter and that things happens because of pure chance and not because of something you did or said, in the bitter and tragic end of things you think and think once again: "What did I do wrong? Is it my fault that this happened to me? Its just the cruelty of someone else I though I could trust my life? Is something terrible wrong with me to the point that I am blind to it and can't figure it out?"

The problem is that sometimes you never know the cause that started a chain of events that lead to your current misery, I have found myself making scenarios and situations in my head for months trying to get my life to make sense again, and you feel so insecure that leaving the house doesn't seem worth it anymore...

You get an unease with people that trust and care about you, you don't feel comfortable anymore, you feel like if you get to close in terms of friendship or love that you will get hurt again, you starting doubting people intentions and loyalty and every relation in your mind starts to become another horrible and stressfull case for you to think about.

But over time I learned the hearth is a wonderfull thing, it can heal and in my case can forgive, its not how many times someone stabs you in the back, its about forgiving eventually and give that person a hug if you feel like it, and trust me if that person doesn't get nicer to you then she doesn't care about you or simply hates you, in that case just move on, your conscience remains clean and you can go forward without any worries.

I admit I forgive almost anyone that did me some horrible thing in the past, only those I am sure are worthless and don't deserve any measure of forgiveness I stay indifferent to them... they don't deserve me thinking about them as i am sure they don't think about me.

A good way to forgive someone is to put yourself in the shoes of the one who did something wrong to you, rethink the situation in their perspective and you will see things start to make some sense again, you still have some serious doubts but understanding the situation they were in makes you feel they are more human than you initially tough...

This world is full of people who hurt you with a very good reason, I choose to stand up again and forgive after some time, I don't want to hate anyone and I know there are those who will still hate me nonetheless but I feel my soul and hearth at peace when I feel I don't  have to despise or hate anyone, it makes everything seem simpler, my hearth resets to zero again and I start trusting all over again, and make emends so good things last longer and I can be happy once again with the people I love or care about, no one can make you more sad than yourself, sometimes you need to get hold of yourself and just move forward, scars may haunt your hearth but if you keep your mind open there is always some sunshine still left in your life to ease the pain, focus on the good things and you will see everything is not as bad as it seems.

That's my philosophy and belief in this life... I hope I and choosing the right path...